The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire p2

The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire p2

She had witnessed the application of varialation in constantinople and helped spread the technique throughout her country and thereafter europe notable achievements besides occupying large areas of the middle east eastern europe and north africa the ottoman people also took pride in significant achievements in various domains such as arts science medicine architecture and so on in particular the period that suleiman the first came to the throne marked a turning point in the development of arts architecture and law regarding law’s

Reform this mighty sultan had codified a secular legal system called kanun for the ottoman state to be specific it refers to laws showing the relationship between taxpayers and recipients of their taxes thereby regulating taxation’s types and rates in terms of architectural construction a large number of elaborate mosques and public buildings were built which reflected the characteristics of ottoman culture via minor details

Contributing to define the culture of the time constantinople recently known as istanbul built up as the capital of the ottoman empire under the reign of suleiman the magnificent remains its beauty until now and has become a popular tourist attraction concerning such academic fields as science and medicine the ottomans also reaps remarkable achievements in science ottoman

People had learned and acquired a sound knowledge of advanced mathematics astronomy philosophy physics geography and chemistry in medicine several instruments invented at that time namely forceps catheters scalpels pincers and landsats are still used worldwide today regarding the domains of arts you can easily discover such a large number of popular forms of arts invented at this time such as calligraphy painting poetry textiles and carpet

Weaving ceramics and music the collapse of the ottoman empire the beginning of the 17th century marked the slow decline of the ottoman empire the decline firstly was reflected through the loss of economic and military dominance to europe despite the ottomans efforts to invade new territories its defeat at the battle of vienna in 1683

No doubt contributed to the weakening of the empire by the 19th century ottoman’s power was becoming weaker and weaker as it lost nearly all of its territories in europe during the balkan war in 1912 and 1913 resulting in its challenging economic situation as well as increased reliance on the rest of europe in the middle of the 19th century ottoman empire carried out a reform to modernize the state itself as well as to improve its status nevertheless the reform turned out not as successful

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As expected and it was the outbreak of world war 1 that made the ottoman empire completely dissolve during the war the ottoman army entered the war on the side of central powers including germany and austria-hungary central powers were defeated by the allied powers in october 1918. as a result according to the armistice of mudros the majority of ottoman territories were divided among britain france greece and russia in 1922 the elimination of the ottoman sultan’s title officially put an end to the ottoman empire giving the foundation for the republic of turkey in the following year

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