Toyota Aqua S 2012 for sale in Fizagat

Toyota Aqua S 2012 for sale in Fizagat

The Toyota Aqua S 2012 is a compact and stylish hybrid car. It comes in a beautiful white color that catches the eye. This car is perfect for people who want a mix of good looks and great fuel efficiency. The hybrid engine makes it very economical on fuel. It’s ideal for daily commutes and long drives.

Toyota Aqua S 2012 for sale in Fizagat

Toyota Aqua S 2012

Non custom paid
Toyota Aqua
Model 2012/13
Colour white
S grade
Push start
Eco mode
Abs battery Salionsor 👍
No mechanical works

This specific model is the S grade, which means it has some extra features for comfort and convenience. One of the standout features is the push start button. This makes starting the car quick and easy. You simply push a button instead of turning a key. It’s a small detail that adds a touch of modernity.

Car Features:

  • Hybrid engine
  • Automatic transmission
  • Keyless entry
  • Push-button start
  • Climate control
  • Power windows
  • Power steering
  • ABS brakes
  • Airbags
  • Rearview camera
  • Touchscreen infotainment system
  • Bluetooth connectivity

The car also has an ‘Eco mode’ that helps save even more fuel. When you turn on this mode, it adjusts the engine to use less power. This is great for city driving where you often start and stop. It keeps your fuel costs low and is better for the environment too.

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Safety is also a key feature in the Toyota Aqua S. It comes with ABS brakes, which help you stop safely and quickly. The car also has a good battery that lasts long. You don’t have to worry about frequent battery changes or mechanical breakdowns. It’s a reliable car that you can depend on.

Importantly, this Toyota Aqua S 2012 is non-custom paid. This means you would need to handle the customs payments if you import it. But once it’s all set up, you’ll have a great, fuel-efficient car that’s ready to drive. With no mechanical issues, this car is a fantastic find for anyone in the market.

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