Toyota Passo 2020 for sale

Toyota Passo 2020 for sale

The Toyota Passo 2020 is a small and stylish car. It is perfect for city driving and fits well in tight spots. This car is easy to park and very comfortable, making it great for daily use. The vehicle is in excellent condition, just like new.

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Toyota Passo 2020

Make: Toyota Passo
Model : 2020
Import : 2024
Package : Moda
Mileage : 4500 km
Colour : Pearl white

This Toyota Passo is part of the Moda package, which means it comes with some cool extras. The Moda package includes modern features like stylish interiors and advanced safety systems. It offers a smooth and enjoyable ride for all passengers. You will appreciate the design and comfort every time you drive.

Car Features:

The 2020 Toyota Passo Moda comes with a variety of features:

  1. Stylish design with modern aesthetics.
  2. Spacious interior for comfortable seating.
  3. Efficient fuel consumption for cost savings.
  4. Advanced safety features for a secure ride.
  5. Touchscreen infotainment system for connectivity.
  6. Responsive handling and smooth driving experience.
  7. Smart keyless entry for convenience.
  8. Rearview camera for easy parking.
  9. LED headlights for better visibility.
  10. Eco-friendly engine options for sustainability.

These features combine to offer a well-rounded driving experience in the Toyota Passo Moda 2020.

Even though this car is imported in 2024, it is a 2020 model. It has only 4500 kilometers on it, so it is barely used. This means you get a car that feels almost brand new. The low mileage ensures the car has plenty of life left for many joyful trips.

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The Pearl White color of this Toyota Passo gives it a clean and elegant look. Pearl White is a unique and stylish color that stands out on the road. stvurdu It looks shiny and new, making it a head-turner everywhere you go. This color is also easy to keep clean and maintain.

This Toyota Passo 2020 is available for purchase in Peshawar. It is a great option if you want a reliable and stylish car. Owning this car will give you a fantastic driving experience. If you are interested, don’t miss the chance to own this wonderful car in beautiful Peshawar.